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ISO Tank IMO-1 Type

I get a lot of calls regarding the type of ISO tank containers. What I would like to do is create an ongoing description of each type. We’ll start with the standard and most sough out, the ISO Tank type IMO-1. Before we move on thou; I would like to make a small clarification. The IMO-1 type is now known as the old code; if you were building new tanks; you would not label them IMO-1. The new code would be a T11 ISO Tank Container. We would still need consult the CFR to verify the type of container needed; this can done with the UN#, packaging group, and of course; product name.

IMO-1- These units are designed for the carriage of:

– Liquids with a flashpoint of less than O deg C

-Certain high-hazard toxics or corrosives

-Spontaneously combustible materials

-Cargoes which are dangerous when exposed to moisture

-liquids with a total containment pressure of not more than the maximum alowable working pressure of the tank (4 bar or 58 psi for a IMO-1 / T11)

T11 24,000 Liters

The standard IMO-1 / T11 is suitable for carrying most hazardous materials but certain cargoes call for higher design pressure, thicker walls, special outlet valves or special pressure relief devices. Corrosive or unstable cargoes may require the vessels to be constructed from special typesof steel or specialty lined.

Last, these tanks normally have a bottom discharge outlet that is flanged and drilled for bolting in accordance with British Standards and closed with a stainless steel blanking plat. However, certain outlets are prohibited with certain high hazard cargoes. Under US regulations (CFR 49) a remotely controlled system of closing the foot valve is required of certain prodcts.

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