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Flexitank / Flexibag Container

flexitank1 flexibag flexitankFlexitank is a hermetic sealed, collapsible and flexible bag/bladder which is stuffed in a 20’ DV Container, and rely on a 20′ dry-van container walls and flooring, to contain the bulk liquid cargo bag. The flexitank’s size/volume can range between 16,000-24,000 liters.
Installation of Flexitank in the container takes about 20-30 minutes, after which it is ready for filling the liquid cargo which takes another about 30-40 minutes. After filling the cargo the container with your cargo is ready to be shipped. The container can be transported by road, railway or sea. The container with your cargo can be delivered to any point worldwide. In place of destination you or your Consignee/Receivers can unload a cargo quickly and without any losses, by using just the pump. Flexitanks are disposable and can be recycled.
What cargo can be shipped inside flexitanks?
In Flexitank it is possible to transport almost any non-hazardous liquids, both for industrial use and food application, such as: food, edible and animal oils and fats, juices concentrates, juices, syrups, water, wine, food additives, pharmaceutical, oils, malt, sorbitol, industrial oils, additives, cleaning liquid, emulsions, glycerin, ink, fertilizers, latex, etc.
Some liquids properties are to get thick during storage or at in low temperature. This will slow down the effective emptying of the cargo from the Flexitanks, for this purpose there are heating pads which are installed together with FLEXITANK. It is used just before start of emptying using steam or hot water inside, in order to increase temperature of a cargo.

jual flexibag
jual flexibag

Advantages of using Flexitanks:
Flexitank is an alternative to tank-containers, railway or road tanks, drums, IBCs and other types of packagings.
You will significantly reduce expenses for transportation. In comparison with tank-container you will pay just for one way freight of the 20-foot container. There is no need to return container and pay for this.

You use Flexitank as packaging for the cargo. In comparison with cost of drums or other capacities you save about 30-40%.
You save up to 90% of time for stuffing/unstuffing of the cargo.

No need to clean Flexitank after transportation as it is disposable.
You reduce losses of a cargo during unloading. As comparison – losses during unloading from Flexitank are 0.1%, when during unloading from drums losses are 1%.
You will increase volume of a cargo for transportation. In comparison with the standard packaging as drums and canisters – volume can be increased up to 30%.
The cargo is delivered “door to door” without intermediate overloads.

Containers with Flexitank should be considered as a special cargo, and all applicable procedures and guidelines as per the COA (see latest version down below) should be complied with in order to prevent spillage, leakage, damage and tainting of the vessel and other cargo, and high cleaning costs.
Bulk liquid in Flexitank has a higher risk of large leakages and this is the reason for the need for Special approval and handling instructions for properly stuffing a container with a Flexitank.
Flexitank will be accepted for shipment by Zim only after receiving all the required details and documents about the intended cargo and Flexitank package.

• Dangerous Cargo is not permitted to be carried in Flexitanks.
• Flexitanks will be stuffed in 20’ DV containers only.
• Only one Flexitank in container is permitted.

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