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ISO Tanks vs. Flexi Tanks

flexibag flexitankA flexi tank is essentially a large plastic bag, fitted
with a loading and discharge valve. Prior to loading,
the flexi-tank bag is laid out into a box container.
Unlike the tank container, which is re-used
repeatedly, the flexi-tank is designed for one trip.
The empty contaminated bag must be disposed in
an approved waste facility. Certain materials can be
incinerated and others might be suitable for
shredding in preparation for re-cycling.
ISOTANK IMO 0 foodIt has been reported that when fully laden the
weight of the 24,000 litre bag causes the side wall
of the box container to distort outwards beyond
ISO. The side wall is designed to withstand a certain
pay-load for static cargo. The flexi-tank load is liquid
and the laden bag effectively forms the shape of the
box. Cargo surge during movement and transport
of the box results in potentially excessive side and
end wall loads and potential instability during
trucking and lifting.

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