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Isotank Door-Cy Process

Liaise to principal of isotank fleet and origin port agent for all import/inbound shipment to any inbound ports in Indonesia,
Receive pre-alert shipment and dispatch it to import department and operational to arrange related document for consignee.
Supervise equipment movement since out from port until arrived at consignee warehouse to discharge and return it to appointed isotank depot.
Order isotank depot to conduct cleaning as soon as possible and arrange cleanliness survey by independent surveyor.
Arrange available equipment for next shipment (export) or send to other port of destination according to request by principal or agent at other country.
Receive Shipping Instruction, scheduling, arrange coordination with customer for loading time, preparing isotank and check Shipping Line schedule.
Coordinate truck, selecting of Shipping Line liaison base on competitive freight.
Communicate with order handler by e-mail.
Prepare application export documentation, draft B/L and fax document in advance to order handle for preparing document to customer through e-mail for timely documentation (B/L and Invoice) and negotiation.

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